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The kitchen is not just the cooking room, it is the family gathering room of the home.  Small, dark, cramped kitchens are a thing of the past.  Make this focal point of the home more than just functional, make it a room of comfort and beauty.  If you need special accommodations because of a disability, let us design a kitchen that increases your capabilities and independence.

Let S. W. Collins bring your dream kitchen to life with our experienced design team;  we can design the kitchen to fit your need and dreams.


Play around with some colors and patterns to spark your ideas for your new kitchen.  VISUALIZER


We offer everything for the bath from handicapped accessible showers and tubs to large whirlpool baths.  Our design team can even transform your bathroom into a relaxing comfortable mini spa if you desire.  Just because the space is small or odd shaped does not mean you can't have a beautiful bathroom.  It just means you need to be more creative with your use of the space

Even if you are on a tight budget and can't afford an entire remodel, our team of experts can give you ideas on smaller less expensive make overs.  Painting the room a new color and changing the style of the curtains and rugs can make a drastic difference in the look while remaining affordable.  Sometimes putting down new flooring or even just changing to more modern faucets can make your bathroom look new.


Virtually explore the many different options for your new bathroom.VISUALIZER

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