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The S.W. Collins Co. Kitchen and Bath Home Design Center is an integral part of the S.W. Collins Company.  The Design Center's Team is dedicated to helping everyone  achieve their dream home or room on a budget they can live with.

Located at 41 Hatch Drive in Caribou, Maine, the Design Center features Northern Maine's only Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), Cindy Dufour.

Kim Morrill, Jane Griffeth and Marcy Whipple complete the team in the Caribou.   Kelly Burtt and Barb Michaud design from our showroom at 21 Rice Street in Presque Isle. Billie Jo Senzek, designs from our Houlton showroom located at 57 Bangor Street.

As a source of design and materials, S.W. Collins is unique in the wide variety of products and experience we provide our customers.  We offer many styles of quality cabinet lines allowing us to offer a range of products priced to fit most budgets.

Customer Testimonial

“When planning our new home, the kitchen was one of the areas we spent the most time on. We have 5 boys so a large functional kitchen that suited our family was a top priority. We were able to take pictures from a book that came close to our “dream kitchen” and you were able to work with us to make that dream a reality. We have been more than pleased with the final result.”         Presque Isle

We also offer several lines of floor coverings and appliances.  We are unique in the way we can help with your total project.  Our experience and product lines allow us to advise and help coordinate the many elements of your plan.  As kitchen designers, we care about the total project.  We want to see a finished project that is not only beautiful and functional, we want the finished project to exceed our clients' expectations!  Please look for our Home Design Center brochure quarterly in the Caribou and Presque Isle area Chamber of Commerce newsletters.

Our Kitchen and Bath Design Center showroom is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.   We are also open on Saturday from 8:00am to 3:00pm or by appointment.  Even if you plan to stop by during regular business hours, the Design Center staff recommends calling ahead.  Let us know when you'll be here and we can have a team member available to focus on you and your project!  Please call (207) 496-0103 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule an appointment.

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Our Kitchen Design Team is Ready to Assist You

Vist our Kitchen E-Showroom

There is nothing better than a good home cooked meal... except the kitchen it was cooked in and the memories of family gatherings around the kitchen table.  The kitchen is not just the cooking room, it is the family gathering room of the home.  Small, dark, cramped kitchens are a thing of the past.  Make this focal  point of the home more than just functional, make it a room of comfort and beauty.  Let S. W. Collins bring your dream kitchen to life with our experienced design team;  we can design the kitchen to fit your need and dreams.

Our expert team can design a kitchen to fit any area of your home.  If you need special accommodations because of a disability, let us design a kitchen that increases your capabilities and independence.  Just relay your vision to our design team and they will work closely with you to turn that dream into reality for your home.  Residential or commercial, we have the plans and fixtures for all types of kitchens.

Trusted by professionals and homeowners alike, S.W Collins' reputation for excellence in design is unmatched.  You’ll receive exceptional personalized service from our expert Design Department staff including assistance with…

  • Designing your Dream Kitchen
  • Choosing the right products to fit your budget
  • Designing in accessibility
  • Built-in appliances
  • Picking the correct woods and finishes

Call our Home Design Center at (207) 496-0103 to make an appointment.
Or stop by your favorite S.W. Collins location and visit our Design Department.

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Let Our Design Team Design Your New Bathroom

Visit Our E-ShowroomThe S. W. Collins Design Team is ready to assist you in designing your new bathroom.  We can design accessibility and modern convenience with the latest in design ideas and fixtures.

With today's incredible variety of styles, colors, and designs of bathroom fixtures, we understand that just the thought of remodeling or building a new bathroom can seem overwhelming.  The bathroom is no longer the "white room with porcelain fixtures that require constant scrubbing to keep clean".

Color and style vie with convenience and utility to create today's beautiful bathrooms.  Modern finishes make cleaning as easy as a spray and wipe.  Vanities, cupboards, linen closets, and beautiful fixtures resting on designer flooring make that special room as perfect as you can imagined.

We offer everything for the bath from handicapped accessible showers and tubs to large whirlpool baths.  Our Design Team can even transform your bathroom into a relaxing comfortable mini spa if you desire.  Just because the space is small or odd shaped does not mean you can't have a beautiful bathroom.  It just means you need to be more creative with your use of the space.

Stop by and talk to our Design Team about updating your bathroom.  Even if you are on a tight budget and can't afford an entire remodel, our team of experts can give you ideas on smaller less expensive make overs.  Painting the room a new color and changing the style of the curtains and rugs can make a drastic difference in the look while remaining affordable.  Sometimes putting down new flooring or even  just changing to more modern faucets can make your bathroom look new.

Trusted by professionals and homeowners alike, S. W Collins' reputation for excellent design, staff  expertise, and helpful advice is unmatched.  You’ll receive personalized service from our exceptional Design Department staff including assistance with…

  • Designing a bathroom that best meets your vision, budget, and space limitations
  • Choosing brochures to take with you to help you make better informed decisions at home
  • Choosing the fixtures that best meet your application, style, and budget
  • Maintenance tips and product suggestions to ensure the long  lasting beauty of your new fixtures
  • Special Ordering for that special or unusual fixture and adding handicapped accessibility to the bathrom in your home.

Call our Home Design Center at (207) 496-0103 to make an appointment.
Or stop by your favorite location and visit our Design Department.

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